Scottish Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse seen in Jedburgh

Unlike many parts of the UK, we were very fortunate yesterday and managed to observe the rare phenomenon of a near total eclipse of the sun (95%). What a wonderful event in 2015, International Year of Light.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse above Jedburgh 20 March 2015

Did you know that the Scottish Borders has great skies for stargazing? With very little light pollution, we often have great visibility for our night skies.

If your interest goes beyond simply looking and admiring gorgeous skies,  you can always travel to the Kielder Observatory, just south of the Scottish border, or the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh. (Advance bookings required)

We will be able to see some partial eclipses again in the UK over the next decade, with the biggest coming in 2026, but a total eclipse isn’t due until the end of the century.





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